Another Monday…

Another Monday has come and gone.  Today was a pretty exciting day because I opened up our class store for the first time.  Everyone has been hard at work earning precious pennies by speaking as much French as possible!  Here are some pictures of our class store.

I only opened the store store at certain times of the day.  I opened it at the end of playtime after I had finished reading with everyone and several students made purchases.  They were very eager to know what they could afford.

This morning we starting leaning about the sound ‘ou’.  They coloured the ‘ou’ page in their phonics workbooks.  After that, everyone had the chance to play.

After recess was gym with Mr. Ferguson followed by calendar with our special helper of the day.

After lunch we had a pretty relaxed afternoon.  Students did some partner reading while I opened up the store once again.  After that everyone had some cloud time.  We ended our afternoon with making Valentine’s cards for you (don’t tell them I told you!!).  I hope you like their creative cards!

Tomorrow will be a very exciting day!  I’m looking forward to it!

Mme Robinson


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