Happy Long Weekend!

I wish I had a long weekend too!  Us teachers will be busy at school tomorrow learning more about social responsibility.

Today felt like a very busy day.  Students were stuck in the classroom for both recess and lunch so they had extra playtime which they were happy about.

This morning we generated a list of familiar words with the sound ‘ou’.  We came up with quite a list:

We had our regular playtime during which I read with each student.  Today we practiced the list of Kindergarten sight words.  Please keep this sheet handy at home to practice if you ever have a few minutes here or there.  After recess we had calendar followed by a writing activity in students’ journals.  They chose three pictures from the story Little Red Riding Hood and then wrote a sentence to go with each one.

After lunch students did some partner reading.  I also informed the students that everyday I will ask for a few volunteers to read in front of the class.  Today we listened to a few groups of students read and a few individual students read a well-practiced book in French.  I took some short movie clips on my camera.  I will try to put together a little movie montage for you to see.  Students then had some cloud time.  Finally it was time for some well-needed physical activity.  The students headed to gym to end the day.

Stay tuned for this week’s class newsletter.

Mme Robinson



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