Birthday Monday!

Yes, today there was another birthday!  We now have two six-year olds in the class!

Today was pretty much a regular Monday.  Today we:

  • Started learning about the sound ‘ch’.
  • Coloured the ‘ch’ page in our phonics books.
  • Played.
  • Had gym with Mr. Ferguson.
  • Did calendar with the special helper and guessed the secret object after many questions and a hint.
  • Brainstormed words to describe a picture.  We didn’t have time to get to the writing part.
  • Visited Mr. Hunter’s class to see the grade 4’s science projects.  We saw some great posters and presentations!
  • Did some partner reading and listened to a few students read.
  • Did cloud time.
  • Learned about our new weekly jobs.  Everyone is responsible for a specific task at the end of each day.  We will rotate jobs weekly.  I overheard someone saying how good it felt to be helping to clean the classroom!

A new fundraiser was announced to the students today.  The student council is collecting any spare change from now to the 29th of February.  We have a special box in our class where we can put our spare change.  Also, Friday is funky hair day.

I forgot to mention this in the newsletter for this week, Scholastic orders are due this Thursday the 23rd.

See you tomorrow!

Mme Robinson



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