Science Rules!

After visiting Mr. Hunter’s class and seeing their science jam projects I was inspired to begin a mini science unit on the five senses.  We began today by talking about what science is.  There were some great contributions to our discussion.  One student gave some examples of “how” questions.  Another student referred to the show “Sid the Science Kid” and how you figure things out and learn things. Next we began talking about the first of the five senses–sight (la vue).  I did an experiment with the students and had them focus on watching and reporting what they saw.  I did the infamous vinegar and baking soda explosion which got a great reaction from everyone.  We even did it twice and then a third time so I could capture some pictures as it happened.

We talked about some of our observations and also some things we heard.  Later in the afternoon we began a big five senses project with the silhouette of a head.  We are going to add all of the five senses as we study them.

Today we also did a phonics page in our phonics book and we went to the library to do a book exchange.  We did calendar and I was so happy we were able to add to the sunny column on our weather graph!

In the afternoon we did some partner reading, followed by listening to some stories read by other students.  We did our usual cloud time and ended our day with our daily jobs.

I keep forgetting to remind you that tomorrow is HOT DOG DAY!!  Also, Friday is funky hair day.

One final note… I would really appreciate it if you could drop your child off before 8:52 a.m. (when school technically begins). I’ve noticed that quite a few students are arriving during the morning announcements which makes it difficult for me, as well as the other students to listen attentively to the announcements.  Your child is welcome to come in the classroom anytime after 8:30 a.m.

Mme Robinson


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