Crazy Hair Day!

There were some excellent hair styles at school today!  I was very impressed with everyone’s originality and style :).

Today was a very rainy and dreary Friday.  Since I forgot to use the Ipads on Monday at my designated time, I thought it would be a great idea to bring them in to the classroom first thing this morning.  Everyone had a lot of fun exploring different apps and playing on them.  I kept them through to recess so everyone had lots of time to explore.  This morning, students wrote a sentence in their phonics book using either the word chat, chapeau, chocolat or marcher.  With the motivation of getting to use the Ipads first, many students completed their sentence in no time at all.

After recess we had an assembly with a focus on social responsibility again.  Nobody from our class has won the paw draw yet… Maybe next week!

From the assembly we went to the computer lab with Mme Tardif’s class.  After lunch we did calendar and then we went over to Mme Tardif’s class where we offered the students the choice of either watching a movie with Mme Tardif or doing some drawing/free time in my classroom.  It made for a great afternoon, especially on a rainy Friday.

As you have probably read about in the yellow newsletter that came home today, Monday is a Provincial Day of Action across BC.  I will be arriving in the classroom on Monday at 8:45 a.m. (as opposed to my usual 8:00 a.m.).  Today after school I made sure that the students’ morning table activities are out and ready for them.  I would recommend dropping your child off as close to 8:45 as possible because there will be no supervision in the classroom until then.

I will be sending out the weekly newsletter sometime this weekend.

See you Monday!

Mme Robinson


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