Today we began our investigations into the sense of touch (hence the title of this post).

This was our day in a nutshell…

  • First thing this morning we reviewed the sound ‘qu’ and then students did some printing practice in their phonics workbooks.
  • Then, it was playtime.
  • After recess we had calendar followed by a very fun science activity.  I introduced the concept of touch and then read a book on the subject. Next I had 6 brown paper bags on the tables where students felt what was inside and then drew a prediction of what it was on a paper.  They were really spot on with their guesses!  It was great to see 100% engagement in a task.  It was a bit noisy and a little chaotic but everyone was having a wonderful time exploring their sense of touch!
  • After lunch we had some reading time followed by the special helper reading a selection to the class.  Then, students enjoyed some cloud time.
  • At the end of the day students added to their five senses projects.  They traced and cut out hands to represent the sense of touch.
  • After students completed their jobs, Mme Tardif’s class joined us to practice “Quelle drôle de question”.

Tomorrow is pink shirt day!! Please remember to wear some pink in support of anti-bullying.

Thursday we will be visiting Ms. Tong’s class to see their talent show.  They are raising money for the WWF to help protect the habitat of polar bears.  If you could send a small donation with your child to school on Thursday it would be much appreciated.


Mme Robinson


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