Leap Day!

Today was a very busy day.  Not only was there a family team activity but we attended a special concert by “Will et sa maman” in the afternoon.

This morning it was so great seeing all the pink and red in support of anti-bullying.

First thing in the morning we read a ‘qu’ sound poem I invented:

Q et u dit ‘qu’

Q et u dit ‘qu’

Quatre questions

Quatre questions

Qu – qu – qu

Students completed a printing words page in their phonics workbooks.  We headed off to the library at 9:30 and finished our book exchange pretty quickly!

Next, students played together nicely before recess break.  It started pouring halfway through recess so it turned into an inside day.

After recess there was a family team activity.  The big buddies came and picked up the little buddies and went off to join their other team members.  They did an activity for Pink Shirt day.  They designed a logo and slogan for a pink t-shirt.

After the family teams activity, Mme Tardif’s class joined us to practice our new song and well as sing a few Will et sa maman songs before the concert.

After lunch we headed off to the gym for the concert.  It was really fun and the kids enjoyed it!  After the concert we returned to class for calendar and then some cloud time.

Tomorrow we will be visiting Ms. Tong’s class to see their talent show.  If you can send a twoonie in to help protect polar bear habitat that would be great.

Friday is pyjama day!

See you tomorrow!

Mme Robinson

P.S. I read this article today.  It gives good insight into the day to day life of a teacher.




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