“That was awesome!” – Division 15 student

Yes, today was an awesome day!

It all started like a normal day in Division 15.  We did attendance (so many students away :()  and then reviewed our sound of the week.  Then we started playtime soon after because we were invited to attend Ms. Tong’s class talent show at 9:45 a.m.  Boy, does that class have some serious talent.  From gymnastics to singing to magic tricks and dancing it was a great show!

After recess I informed the class that we would be visiting with some Police officers and their vehicles (and helicopter!).  This was all thanks to Ms. Tong (a student’s dad in her class works for the RCMP).  We heard the helicopter land in our Dixon field and everyone got very excited!  We headed out and then rotated through 4 different stations.  There was the helicopter, a police dog, a police car, and a crime scene investigator.  It was like going on a field trip right in our back parking lot!  To top it all off we got to watch the police helicopter take off right in front of us! It was so windy!  Maelle and cousin Henry even came to see the police presence.  It truly was awesome.  I big thank you to Ms. Tong for inviting us to experience this with her class!  MERCI!

After lunch we had to squeeze in calendar and then we had some down time with cloud time.  After completing our end of the day jobs it was time to head off for gym.

Tomorrow is Friday!  It is pyjama day and another “bell-to-bell” day.  The class will be in a bit of disarray because they were cleaning my carpet after school today.  I will be arriving in the class just after the warning bell (at 8:47 a.m.).  Please arrive as close to the bell as possible otherwise your child will most likely be waiting in the gym under the supervision of the administrators.

See you in your PJs tomorrow!!

Mme Robinson


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