Big Winners!

We were big winners today!  Our class had 100% participation for pyjama day and we won timbits for having the most participation our of all the primary classes!  Also, during today’s weekly Dragon Paw draw one of our students’ name was called as a winner!  Her reaction was great, I wish I had it on film.

Other things we did today included:

  • Working on a journal page in our phonics workbooks.  Students wrote a sentence using a word that had the sound ‘qu’.
  • Playing!
  • Doing calendar.
  • Learning about taste (le goût).
  • Doing a tasting science experiment.
  • Reading in partners.
  • Doing some cloud time.
  • Visiting Mme MacNicol’s class to hear their stories and to play a little bit.
  • Doing our daily jobs.
  • Practicing the song “Quelle drôle de question”.

Next Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, I will be participating in the teacher walkout.  Teachers will be outside Dixon school providing information regarding our current situation.  If you want to come and learn more please feel free to come and visit us.

During these days off you may want to start thinking about possible science fair ideas relating to the five senses.  We have been having so much fun learning about the five senses I thought it would be really fun to have something similar to a science fair at school in our classroom.  I was thinking that each student could present something of an experiment on the sense of their choice.  For example, have different objects hidden in a box that people could touch.  Or, different things to smell to try to identify.  We would ask other classes to come and visit and you would also be invited to see all the projects as well.  This is still just a vision of mine, I haven’t told to the students officially.  I’m thinking this would happen the second week after spring break.  I’ll keep you posted.  If you need something to keep them busy for a while I would recommend vinegar and baking soda!!

I’ll be e-mailing a newsletter this weekend.

Mme Robinson


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