Spring Break!

Hello Spring Break!

Today was a pretty laid back kind of day for us.

We began this morning reviewing our sounds and then we used the ipads to practice some letter sounds and small words.  It was a fun alternative to our usual whiteboards.

Then, it was playtime followed by an inside day at recess.  After recess we did calendar and then we attended an assembly.  We sang “Quelle drôle de question!” with Mme Tardif’s class.  The students did a great job considering we’ve only been learning this song for the past 2 weeks.

After lunch students did some partner reading followed by an extended cloud time during which time I did a bit of Spring cleaning in the classroom.  It’s amazing how much dust can accumulate!

Students coloured their March portfolio pages and then we did our end of the day jobs.  Today students brought home an envelope with a mostly blank term 2 report card.

I hope you have an excellent spring break!  Try to incorporate some French into your two weeks off.

Mme Robinson


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