Les jonquilles! (Daffodils)

I hope you’ve been enjoying all the lovely daffodils in our school planter boxes around the annex!  They are lovely!

Today was another busy day and we celebrated a birthday today!  We started our day doing some printing practice of the sound ‘oi’.  Next came the usual playtime. After recess was calendar followed by learning a new little reader about daffodils.  While students were colouring their booklet, I read it with everybody and was really impressed with everyone’s reading!  I will send it home tomorrow as their home reading!

After lunch, we did some reading and cloud time.  Next we talked about our sense of smell.  We did a science experiment smelling different things I had brought from home (a pickle, cinnamon, mint extract, vanilla extract, celery salt, and chocolate chips).  Everyone was having a great time smelling the different scents and quite a few figured out what they were smelling!  After, students added noses to their 5 senses projects.  We did our end of the day jobs and then we listened to a new song about flowers in a garden that each do a different dance when they get watered.  We’ll learn the actions tomorrow.

Tomorrow is library!  Also, Thursday is sushi day.

See you tomorrow!

Mme Robinson


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