Last Thursday of March!

Today was a good day.  We did some awesome writing this morning with the sound ‘oi’.  I challenged students to write 2 sentences in their phonics workbooks.  They did a great job!  During playtime I read with everyone.  After recess was calendar and then we talked about the last of our 5 senses: hearing.  We did a science experiment where I played them some different sound effects and they had to draw what they thought it was.

After their sushi lunch we did partner reading and then cloud time.  Between the two I had to talk to the students about being more responsible for the class.  I came back to quite the mess after lunch (soya sauce on the tables, food not put away, a squished california roll on the ground etc.).  It was a good reminder for everyone to take care of our class.

After cloud time we practiced our new song a few times and then it was time for gym.

Tomorrow is Friday!  We will visit the computer lab and make a daffodil craft.

See you later!

Mme Robinson


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