Finally Friday and 30,000 Hits!

I’ve been nearing the 30,000 hits mark and today I finally made it!  It’s probably not that impressive compared to the number of hits Facebook gets in a day but it still seems impressive to me!

I’m very happy that it’s the weekend.  I’ve found this week a bit challenging, especially after 2 weeks off.

Today was a full day.  We had our usual time with the iPads first thing this morning.  We now have 10 of them!  Students explored different apps during their morning table ‘work’ time.  For their phonics work this morning I put them into groups of two and they had to write a word or sentence using either DoodleBuddy or BookCreator.  Most groups did fairly well!  At around 9:30 students began their playtime.  After recess we did calendar and then I had students complete a matching activity.  They matched lower and upper case letters to each other.  We then went to the computer lab.

After lunch, students did some partner reading and then some cloud time.  Next, students made some beautiful daffodils to decorate our bulletin boards.  We did our end of the day jobs and then we had some time to sing our new song.

Next week we will be doing some special activities leading up to Easter.  It should be a fun week!

Please look for a newsletter in your inbox this weekend.

Have a great weekend!

Mme Robinson


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