Hello April!

I have to make this short and sweet…

Today we started the sound ‘v’.  Students coloured their ‘v’ page in their phonics workbooks.  Next students had their usual playtime.  After recess was gym followed by calendar and then learning a new Easter song with the cha-cha in it.  It’s a real cute song.

After lunch was partner reading, cloud time, adding the ears portion to our 5 senses projects and then colouring the April page for the students’ portfolios.

We did our end of the day jobs and then we had time to sing the new song one more time.

I hope you’ve started thinking of ideas for our upcoming science fair!  I told the students about it today and they seem pretty excited!

See you tomorrow.

Mme Robinson

P.S. Scholastic orders were due today but if you would like to send in any late orders you have until 2:45 p.m. tomorrow.


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