Getting Ready for Easter!

Today was a fun day.  Even though we were stuck inside all day, we managed to make it through the day quite well.

This morning we talked a lot about printing and what the lines mean on our page. We talked about how they help us figure out where to put our letters and how they act as a guide.  Students were especially observant this morning remarking how some lower case letters look exactly like their upper case letter except for their size.  Other students wondered why some letters went below the line (p, q, j, g, y) and why other lower case letters filled up the entire line (l, f, t, b, d, h etc.).

Students practiced printing the letter ‘v’ in their phonics workbooks and they were extra careful about staying in the right lines!  I must say today they did their best printing ever!  Then it was playtime, followed by snack.

After recess our big buddies came over to help us make some easter baskets to use for our Easter Egg Hunt this Thursday.  Today I told the students about the hunt.  They are only a few marbles away from winning this reward.  The baskets ended up taking way longer than I thought and by the time we cleaned up it was time for lunch.

After lunch we did some parter reading, cloud time and then we did calendar since we didn’t have time after recess.  After calendar I had the students do a quick counting worksheet.  Then came our end of day jobs and our day was over!

Tomorrow is library!  Also, I hope you’ve been thinking about your science fair project ideas.  I’ve heard a few really great ideas so far!  Feel free to share your plans with me, I’d love to hear them!

See you tomorrow.

Mme Robinson


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