All About Eggs!

Today was a great day!  We started the morning with our phonics books.  We did the page with the 4 words (voiture, avion, vert, and ovale).  Students practiced printing the four words and then drew a picture to go with each one.

After printing, most students managed a few minutes of playtime before we headed off to the library.  Mme Marin read us a great story with Spot the dog in it.  He was looking for Easter eggs.

After library we returned to the class to continue playing.  We cleaned up and started our snacks.  We had a couple of visitors come to the classroom (Mr. Robinson and Maelle).

After recess, we did calendar and then we worked on an Easter egg math basket sheet.

After lunch we headed over to Mme Tardif’s classroom to watch the movie “Hop”.  A few students got a bit bored so they did some colouring during the movie.

Tomorrow is our big Easter egg hunt!  I’m really looking forward to it!  I’ll try to get lots of action shots with my camera.  We have gym tomorrow afternoon.

See you tomorrow!

Mme Robinson


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