Easter Fun!

Today was a really fun day.  By the end of it though, I was exhausted!

We started off today with our writing.  We wrote 2 sentences using some ‘v’ words.  After that we had playtime.

After recess, we did some Eater craft rotations.  We did this back in February for Valentine’s day too.  In my classroom students make some bunny envelope pouches.  We put in some shredded paper and I gave them a few little candies.

Next up, after lunch, was the big Easter Egg Hunt! My original plan was to hide all the chocolate eggs/treats at lunch time but then I had a meeting come up at the last-minute.  I asked a small group of Grade 3 girls from the annex to hide the eggs for me.  They did a great job!  Everyone loaded up their baskets with the goodies they found during the hunt.  After the Eater egg hunt, we started a bit of cloud time to calm ourselves down until someone reminded me we hadn’t done calendar yet.  We wrapped up cloud time, did a quicker than usual calendar time and then we just had enough time to do our end of the day jobs before going off to gym.

Did I mention it was also popcorn day at recess!  As one student said today “This has been the best day ever!”.

I’m ready to enjoy a nice long weekend!  Please don’t forget to think about your child’s science fair display idea.  If you’re stuck for ideas please let me know and I can help you out!

Happy Easter!

Mme Robinson


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