Science Fair Tomorrow!

Here’s a recap of what we did today…

For our phonics activity this morning, I read the students a little reader called Le poisson.  This little book talks about why it is good to be a fish (and one not so good reason).  This book has a bunch of words with the sound ‘on’.  The students did the ‘on’ action every time they heard a word with the sound ‘on’.  Next, the students did a page in their phonics books.

After playtime, recess and calendar we practiced our little reader again from yesterday and then the students had a bit of time to colour them.  We had some time before lunch so we generated a list of characteristics that insects have and then, in pairs, the students circled all the insects they could find on a worksheet I made for them.

After lunch we did some partner reading, some cloud time and then our jobs.  Next they headed off to gym with Mr. Unger.

Everyone is very excited for the science fair tomorrow.  Don’t forget to send in your ‘exhibits’.  I am going to do my best to get a picture of each student with their display to put in their portfolio and for you to see at home.

See you tomorrow.

Mme Robinson


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