Friday Fun!

Today was a day filled with excitement!

We started our day with the review of the sound ‘on’.  Students did some sentence writing in their phonics workbooks.  Next was playtime.  After recess we had a Jump Rope for Heart kick off assembly.  More info about jump rope for heart will be coming home at a later time.

After the assembly we headed to the computer lab.  Students had fun playing with Photobooth and Kidpix.  Some students played games on the internet.

After lunch we had to do an abbreviated version of calendar because we had to prepare for the science fair.  My original plan was to let the students look at each others’ projects but we just ran out of time.  By 1:25 p.m. our first visitors arrived (Ms. Tong’s class).  The students had a great time showing their displays.  Our big buddies came to visit us as well as Mrs. Evan’s class and Mme Tardif’s class.

The hour went by fairly quickly however by the end of it the students were a bit tired of standing beside their projects.  I am extremely proud of everyone in Division 15 for doing such a great job explaining and demonstrating their projects.

At the end of the day students did their end of the day jobs and then we had time for a quick song.

A big THANK YOU to all you parents who worked with your child to make such awesome science exhibits!  They were all fabulous and I got a lot of positive feedback from our visitors.

I hope you enjoy the pictures!

Mme Robinson


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