Let’s Talk About Teeth!

Today was like any other Wednesday except we had a special visit this afternoon from our school nurse who talked to us about dental health.  If your child came home today talking about plaque monsters, floss, or a talking monkey with a full set of dentures that is why!  We sure learned about different ways to keep our teeth nice and clean.

This morning we started off with our phonics activity.  We practiced printing the 4 words with the sound ‘z’ in our phonics books.  Next was the beginning of playtime but we also headed off to the library at 9:30.  After returning from the library we continued playtime.  I didn’t get a chance to read with everyone today (it’s a little tricky on Wednesdays because of library and then the dental visit).  I did exchange everyone’s home reading books though.

After recess was calendar.  When somebody expressed their dislike of calendar we had to talk a little bit about how even though calendar can be a bit boring at times we learn so many important things from doing it everyday.  After calendar we did a writing activity where students had to write sentences using some words relating to insects.  There are always a few students who don’t like to be limited by my choice of words so they wrote their own things.  That’s fine with me as long as they’re writing!

After lunch we did a shortened cloud time because the school nurse was coming to do a special presentation about our teeth.  It was a very informative session!  If your child is interested in doing the “Healthy Smiles Challenge” you can read the letter that came home today that explains it.  I have the certificates for those who which to complete the 7 day challenge.

Today I also sent home all the Jump Rope for Heart information.  Our school’s jump day is Friday the 27th.  As I get more details about the day I will pass them along to you.  Typically classes go to the gym at a specific time to do their skipping sometime throughout the day.  The 27th of April will also mark our 100th day or school (since we started counting, which was in late October or early November I believe).  Anyways, I will be planning some special activities for us to do on that day in celebration of 100 day.

There are a few leftover science posters in the classroom.  I will try to remember to send them home with your child over the next few days.

See you tomorrow.

Mme Robinson


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