A Very Busy Week!

It’s been a very exciting but busy week!  It was very nice today to spend the morning with my new Grade one students.  They were very excited to meet our Kindergarten students who arrived after lunch.  Here’s a brief recap of our day together:

Yesterday afternoon I put up the students’ names in the cloakroom so today they were able to put their things on their own hook.  After putting away their things, students had to “sign in” on a large paper (picture to come).  Then, students chose a table top activity.  After we cleaned up, we worked through their “Travail du matin” work page together so everyone understood what to do.  As students finished they moved to their assigned tables to colour the cover of their duotang.

Next we had a playtime in the classroom.  Students could choose any activity and they had a great time exploring the different things in the class.  I took quite a few pictures from today but I will only post them once I have everyone’s permission forms back.

After having our snacks and then going out to recess we did a “mini calendar”.  Eventually students will take on the responsibility of leading our daily calendar routine.

After calendar I talked to the students about their portfolios.  We talked about what a portfolio is and why we keep them.  This year I’m trying something new; I’m going to be using a binder for each students’ portfolio.  Instead of spending hours glueing, I am going to be using page protectors to display student work samples.  We did our first writing sample of the year.  The sample was called “Mes choses préférées…” (My favourite things…).  Everyone tried their best!  I’m positive that their June writing samples will look drastically different!

We had lunch and then our Kindergarten classmates arrived!  Students had a playtime and everyone played very nicely together!  After we cleaned up we headed outside to play at the park.  When we returned to class, the Kindergarten students had their snacks while I explained the “Homework” routine to the Grade ones.  We talked about the 5 minutes of home reading and the 10 minutes of work in their “Travail à la maison” workbooks.

A few of them really wanted to take them home today but I told them we’d start Monday.  I explained that I only want them to do 10 minutes in their workbooks unless they want to do more.  Also, the 10 minutes starts after they’ve decided what they want to do in their workbook.  Everyone seemed to understand the expectations and I’m looking forward to seeing what students choose to do in their homework books.

We ended the day with a bit of free time (drawing or reading), we cleaned up and then it was time to go!

I’m looking forward to Monday but will definitely enjoy the weekend!

Mme Robinson


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