Our First Monday…

Today our Kindergarten classmates were with us until 11:30 a.m.!

We began our day the same way we will begin each day together.  Students signed in on our class sign in page by the front door and then began table top activities.  I had to remind a few students to choose a table and save the other toys for our real playtime a little later on in the morning.

A few Grade one students managed to finish the “Travail du matin” workpage.  As they get used to it they will get quicker and quicker and will get to join the Ks in the table top activities.

At around 9:10, the Grade one students went to the Library for a reading assessment.  They read a book about a dog and all the things that dogs do (jump, eat, drink water etc.).  During this time I had a nice chat with the Ks about morning time expectations and then they began to play.  The Grade one students soon joined in after they were done their reading!

We began snack at around 10:20 and then we all headed outside for recess with the rest of the school.  I went outside with the class today to make sure everything went well.  There were no issues except I found it hard to hear the bell ring when recess was over.  You may want to talk with your child at home about what to do when recess is over.  If they don’t hear the bell but they see students starting to flood back toward the school that probably means it’s time to head back to class.

After recess, Mme Borthwick (our new teacher librarian) took the students to the gym and played some games with them.  In case you weren’t aware, teachers currently get two 45-minutes blocks a week for prep time.  This was my first of two prep times this week.

Once students returned to the class, we said “au revoir” to our Kindergarten students and then we met a dear friend of mine named Donna.  (She’s actually my daughter’s puppet; I hope Maelle doesn’t miss her too much 🙂 )

Here’s Donna!

As I explained to the Grade one students, now that they are in Grade one Mme Robinson is only going to be speaking in French.  Donna is an English speaking friend of mine who will help explain things in English once and a while when extra clarification is necessary.  The Ks will meet Donna tomorrow.

Before lunch we played a little name game I like to play at the beginning of the year.  We all sat in a circle and passed my beach ball of the world across the circle saying someone’s name.  We repeat the same sequence and then add a second object to pass at the same time!  We did pretty well!

After lunch was a quiet time of drawing and/or reading.  Then we worked on a math sample for the students’ portfolios.  We brainstormed ways to represent 10 and then students worked on their own individual representations.

In case you were wondering, those are my versions of bycicles and cakes.  I stress to the students that when I’m demonstrating I don’t always have the time to do my best work but I always expect them to put forth their best effort when completing their tasks.

After our math activity, I let students have a bit of free time.  We cleaned up and then the VERY exciting moment came to give out the Grade 1 homework books.  I hope you find a 10 minute window of time tonight to do a bit of work.  Tomorrow morning I will make a point of showing their homework to the class.  I find doing this helps give ideas to the other students about what they can do in their homework book.

This was a very lengthy post; they will not always be like this!

Please remember to hand in all the forms from the welcome package as soon as possible so I can begin posting pictures to the blog!  Also, this Thursday is our “Meet the Teacher Pot Luck” beginning at 5:45 p.m. in the class.  I hope you can make it!

Thanks for reading!

Mme Robinson


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