Sparky Sparkles!


Today was a great day in Room 15!  We started the day with our usual table top activities (and ‘Travail du matin’ for the Grade ones).  Next was gym class with Mr. Ferguson.  I will know very soon when our regular gym times and days are.  After gym we reviewed our sound of the week and then I explained to students their job before snack and recess.  Students will be working through their own phonics booklet throughout the entire year.  I have two different versions.  Here is the easier Kindergarten version:

And here is the different and more advanced Grade one version I created this summer:


I’m really pleased with how well my Kindergarten students did with their phonics work last year that I have decided to use the same phonics program again this year.

Students worked on the first page of their books for only about 10 minutes and then it was time to start our snack time.

After recess we did calendar together.  Starting Monday, we will begin having a Special Helper of the day.  That person will lead us through the elements of calendar.  After calendar was our much-anticipated playtime.  Have I already mentioned how well this group of students play together?  They are awesome!  Of course we have some minor issues that arise but so far I’m really impressed!

During our afternoon together, we did some reading and drawing followed by the first in a series of social responsibility lessons created by our School District counselling team.  If your child starts talking about a star named Sparky and a planet called “Social Responsibility”, this is what they’re referring to.  We will be doing a lot of lessons and activities relating to Social Responsibility in the next little while.   Here are the 4 aspects of social responsibility (solving problems peacefully, being nice to others and helping others, accepting others, and being responsible):

After a quick action break outside, we played another little math game in partners.  This game is super simple but everyone had fun playing it.  Basically it is a race to the top.  Players take turns rolling a die and then they colour in the number it landed on.  The player who reaches the top first wins that row.

If you could review these aspects of classroom routine with your child I’d really appreciate it!

First thing in the morning:

  • remember to sign in on our class sign in page
  • Put away backpack independently (hand me any notices)
  • Grade ones: hand in homework book and home reading envelope to appropriate places
  • Choose a table top activity
  • Grade ones: start ‘Travail du matin’

At the end of the day:

  • Empty mailbox located on the back ledge against the windows
  • Gather all personal belongings from the cloakroom and classroom

A few other reminders…

Tomorrow is PIZZA DAY!  Please don’t forget to send pizza money ($2 a slice and 50 cents for juice) and a re-usable plate/container to put the pizza on.

Friday is a Pro D day, students do not attend!

See you tomorrow!

Mme Robinson



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