Healthy Habits!


Today was a busy day!  We had visits from our School nurse and our school counsellor!

In the morning we reviewed our sound of the week.  Grade ones had a bit of work to do in their phonics books while the Kindergarteners started their playtime.  After recess we did calendar and then we had a great lesson with our school nurse about the importance of hand washing.  Everyone got to practice hand washing and then with a black light, the nurse showed students where on their hands the pretend germs were still lingering (in fingernails and up on the wrists  mostly).

After lunch we had some quiet reading and drawing time followed by a discussion about Terry Fox.  Then, it was time to head off for gym.

Tomorrow is our Terry Fox run so please try to send in a twoonie or loonie!  If you are interested in running with us, please join us at the assembly at 1:45 p.m.

I have almost all the family pictures but I am still missing a few.  I am making a very large book with the students’ family portraits, their family photo and I’ve printed out some text to go on each page describing their families.  Once I have all the photos I can laminate the book.  Please send me your picture as soon as possible if you haven’t already done so.


Mme Robinson


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