Yummy Pizza Day!

Everyone’s in a good mood on Pizza Day!

Today we started the day by reviewing our sound of the week.  We brainstormed ‘t’ words orally and then I read the students a few short books and we listened carefully for words with ‘t’ sounds.

Next, we went to the library for our weekly book exchange.  Mme Borthwick showed us how to access an online library of books at http://www.tumblebooklibrary.com.  There are lots of great books that students can listen to and read along with both in English and in French!  The login ID is 38dixon and the password is oval.  I hope you encourage and help your child to explore the great selection of fiction and non-fiction books!

After library we began to play.  Soon after it was recess and we headed outside.   After recess we continued with our playtime.  Next, we did calendar and then read a small reading booklet about apples.  It was finally time to get our pizza!

After lunch we had some quiet time then we did a large pattern with cut out apples.  After everyone had finished we each took a turn presenting our pattern in French.  Everyone did such a great job so we headed outside in the sunshine to burn off some energy!  After returning to class we packed our bags and got ready to head home.

Tomorrow we have gym in the afternoon.  We will also be making our turkey headbands with our big buddies for the Turkey Trot on Friday.  If you want to send in some non-perishable food items or cash donations please feel free to do so!

See you tomorrow!

Mme Robinson


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