Happy Thanksgiving!

We had a very busy and fun Friday!  We started the morning talking about Fire Drill procedures and expectations and reviewing our sound of the week.  We practiced some songs while waiting for the fire bell to ring.  We were the first class outside at the fire drill and the firefighters who watched said the school did a good job!  Next we went straight to the gym for an assembly to kick off the Turkey Trot.  By the time the assembly was over it was time to wash our hands for snack time.  For most of us that meant popcorn!

After recess we did a quick calendar together and then our big buddies came to meet us to start the Turkey Trot!  Students had a lot of fun running/walking with their buddies around the track.  Thank you to everyone who brought in a food donation for the Food Bank!

After our Turkey Trot we came back to the classroom to work on a little booklet about things we were thankful for.  After lunch we read a story about making apple pie and then it was our turn to make some pie!  Each student had a turn cutting some apple with a butter knife.  I told the class that because they earned another 10 points on Thursday for showing green and blue behaviour, their reward was having ice cream with their pie!  The pies turned out great!  Everyone tried a mini pie and quite a few finished the whole thing (including me) :).

Thank you to C and J for helping out with the cooking, I couldn’t have done it otherwise!

Your child should have brought home a little reader about making apple pie.  The grade ones can read this for their home reading and the Kindergarteners can colour and attempt reading it!  Here is an audio track to help everyone with some of the words:

Une tarte aux pommes

Happy Thanksgiving!  Enjoy your long weekend!

Mme Robinson


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