Let the Race Begin!

This morning was especially exciting because we started the “race” to speak French!  Everyone made a concerted effort to speak some French to me.  Lots of people all of a sudden got really thirsty or had to go to the bathroom!  Quite a few students already succeeded in reaching the finish line so they picked little prizes from my prize box.  I hope this will motivate them to speak French not only with me, but also with their peers.

This afternoon was extremely slimy!  We went to our big buddies class to carve our pumpkins.  There are some pretty interesting faces!  Students can bring home their pumpkins on Halloween.  I want to use them as decorations for our Halloween party.

Here are a few reminders for the rest of the week:

  • Wednesday is pizza day.  Please send a re-usable container/plate and pizza money to school that day.
  • We will not be visiting the library on Wednesday because of the Halloween assembly.
  • Tomorrow morning is the absolute last chance to bring back any photo order forms.

See you tomorrow!

Mme Robinson



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