Halloween Hangover!

Today was a more normal day (compared to yesterday!!).

We continued our look at the sound ‘k’.   Kindergarten students practiced printing their ‘k’s while grade ones wrote some ‘c’ and ‘k’ words in their phonics workbooks.  After our morning work we had playtime.  We had our turn with the Ipads again this morning.  Students are really enjoying the games on them!

When students came in from recess a good number of them had very dirty shoes and because there is lots of goose droppings on our fields and paths our carpet and classroom got quite dirty.  I would like all students to keep a pair of inside shoes at school to be changed into after recess and lunch times.

After recess was calendar.  Our calendar shapes this month are all community ‘helpers’.  We will be studying community for the next month.  After calendar, we learned a new song called: “J’habite une maison”.  It’s about all the different animals homes.  Next we coloured our November portfolio pages.  Before lunch I read students an Eric Carle book called Une si petite graine. It’s the story of a tiny seed that travels trough the different seasons and finally becomes a gigantic flower.

After lunch the grade one students started a new component to their afternoon.  On alternating days, the grade one students will spend 15 minutes doing some free writing in their journals.  Today they did a great job!  There were some great sentences and ideas!  Tomorrow they will begin their number of the day in their math books.  They will alternate between journal writing and number of the day.  During this time the Kindergarten students will continue with their reading and drawing time.

Finally it was gym.  We packed our bags and then I took the students to meet Mr. Ferguson at the gym.

Some reminders…

  • tomorrow is popcorn day
  • please send “inside only” shoes tomorrow
  • Wednesday the 7th is photo re-take day in the afternoon

Mme Robinson


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