Hello December!

First of all, my apologies for not updating the blog as frequently as I was earlier this year.  With report cards and now the festive season upon us I’ve been very busy!

One piece of VERY good news is that I’ve found a new home for our guinea pigs!  I am very happy to report that they will be going to a lovely home just before Christmas.  Our last day with the guinea pigs will be December 21st (the last day before Winter break).

Here are some things going on around the classroom…

This week we are looking at the letter ‘r’ and its corresponding sound.  Students are really improving in their penmanship!  Today we did some printing of lower and uppercase ‘r’s and everyone did a great job!  I was very impressed.

Today we also practiced writing out our home addresses.  We have a guest speaker (a Canada Post mail carrier) coming to the classroom this Thursday to talk about mail and everyone is going to mail themselves a letter.

We’ve begun talking about Winter celebrations (mostly Christmas so far) and students are busy making cards and decorations.  I have some fun crafts and activities planned for us over the next few weeks!

I continue to be impressed with everyone’s reading skills (especially my grade one students).  We continue to do our daily reading together; however, it is becoming more time-consuming as the books get longer and more challenging.  Today for example, I did not read with a handful of K students; those students did get new books to practice though.  I may have to move to an alternating schedule (Grade ones one day and Ks the next) to allow for adequate time with each student.  Stay tuned for more info in upcoming newsletters.  Have you tried going on a “picture walk” before reading a story?  I’ve been having my grade ones use this pre-reading strategy to activate their  knowledge of French vocabulary (words they’ll encounter in the story) and to help with comprehension.

As a class we are still working on a few goals.  We tend to get quite noisy as a group during play times and work times and we are working on using “inside voices”.  Also, we are continuing to work on keeping our personal belongings tidy and organized throughout the day.  With inside and outside shoes along with 22 backpacks, jackets and lunch kits our cloakroom can become quite messy!

Thank you for all your continued support at home with your child!

Mme Robinson



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