Back to School!


Well everyone survived the first week back to school (even the teachers)!!  This was an especially special week because my eldest daughter also started kindergarten!  I am very grateful to be able to work part time this year with Mme Hacker which allows me extra time with my two girls!

This week’s focus was on the book “Do Unto Otters” by Laurie Keller.  The students did video depictions from the story using the class iPads which we watched today at a sharing assembly!


We’ve also had a great time welcoming our new kindergarten students this week as they continue their gradual entry.  Their first full day will be next Thursday!

Today some very important newsletters and letters from the office came home!  Be sure to read over all the letters this weekend!  Grade ones also brought home a “Travail à la maison” workbook today.  Grade ones are expected to complete 10 minutes of “work” in this book each night (once over the weekend is adequate)!  Students are encouraged to choose something to do in this book themselves.  Examples of “work”  are printing practice, math, writing, drawing, cutting and glueing etc.

Enjoy the weekend!  See you next week!

Mme Robinson


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