Turkeyrific Day!


Today was filled with lots of Turkey fun!  We did a directed drawing activity of how to draw a turkey.  I think everyone’s turkeys were awesome!!

See if your child can find their turkey drawing!

IMG_20151008_153651 IMG_20151008_153658 IMG_20151008_153704 IMG_20151008_153713 IMG_20151008_153720 IMG_20151008_153727 IMG_20151008_153734 IMG_20151008_153744 IMG_20151008_153752 IMG_20151008_153758 IMG_20151008_153804 IMG_20151008_153809 IMG_20151008_153814 IMG_20151008_153819 IMG_20151008_153824 IMG_20151008_153828 IMG_20151008_153833 IMG_20151008_153840 IMG_20151008_153844 IMG_20151008_153849

This afternoon was the 10th annual Turkey Trot!  Students ran with their big buddies during their gym block this afternoon.  Some of those turkey hats came back pretty sweaty!!

Tomorrow is individual picture day!

Mme Robinson


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