Je fais le bon choix – I make the right choice


Today we read and discussed the book  Je fais le bon choix.  This is one of our guiding principles in the classroom that we talk a lot about all year!  I was very impressed with how well everyone participated in the discussion about choices.

In the classroom, we also use the traffic light as a guideline to assess our behaviour.  I’m sure you’ve probably heard about Red, Yellow, Green and Blue behaviour at home!  We definitely like to encourage green and blue behaviours at school.  Because behaviours and choices are made so fluidly, I never put students’ names on a Red Behaviour list on the board.  A student may be showing red behaviour in one moment but then can very quickly correct themselves to show green behaviour.  I do like to acknowledge those behaviours that go above and beyond in the blue zone by putting students names under a blue dot on the board.  This also helps me catch them doing those WOW behaviours and allows me to share them with the class!

Tomorrow we will follow up this activity with a “Traffic Light” activity about green behaviour!

See you tomorrow!

Tomorrow is also popcorn day; if you didn’t order through Munchalunch you can send money to school with your child to buy a bag at recess.


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