Les pommes!

This week in conjunction with our study of the sound ‘m’ we are studying apples!  Here is the little reader that we learned today.  Students practiced reading with me, then they coloured their own copy.  While students worked I circulated around the room listening to everyone read the book.

Reasons I love using this book:

  • It has lots of repetition and uses very simple sentence structures
  • Everyone can feel successful reading this book
  • It practices the sight word ‘voici’ and other colour words
  • It’s easy!

This year, in particular, I’ve heard quite a few students make statements about how they can’t read.  Yes, this book is easy but it allows each student to feel like “yes, I can read”.  Before colouring, I asked students to read the book by themselves first.  I just happened to be near a table where a student was reading aloud to himself.  I could hear a sense of pride in his voice, almost like he couldn’t believe he was reading.  I could tell he was excited to be able to read this little booklet on his own!

Here’s the version I coloured.  Feel free to ask your child to read it to you.  I will send home this reader with next week’s home reading envelope.


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