What is MindUp?



Over the past few years, I’d heard other teachers mention MindUp in passing and I was always curious about it but I never investigated the program in any detail.  When a flyer came into my inbox from the Surrey School District advertising an after school session to learn about the program I was eager to register and attend.

During the session I felt excited knowing that this was something that I felt would benefit my students greatly.  So what is MindUp?

MindUp is a series of 15 lessons related to the teaching of social and emotional awareness and psychological well-being.  Students first learn about a few key parts of the brain and how they interact to cause states of flight, fright or freeze responses (from our amygdala) A.K.A. “glitter storms” in our brains that make it hard for us to think clearly.  In teaching students the core practice of deep “square” breathing, students are empowered with a way to regulate and re-focus themselves when faced with stressful and difficult situations.


As a class we have been practicing the core practice once a day after lunch.  We will begin practicing our breathing twice a day after recess and lunch.

I am excited to continue on to the next unit of MindUp which focuses on helping students become more mindful through exploring the senses.

Stay tuned for more updates as we progress through the program!

For more information about the MindUp program you can visit http://mindup.org.

– Jamie Robinson



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