About Mme Robinson

My name is Jamie Robinson and I am a teacher with the Surrey School District in British Columbia, Canada.  I started my teaching career in 2005 and I’ve taught many different levels from Kindergarten French Immersion to Grade 4 French Immersion.

At the end of the last school year I made a decision to leave the French Immersion program to teach English at my neighbourhood school where my daughter attends school.  It was a difficult decision but I really wanted to work close to home and feel more connected as my daughter goes through her elementary years.

In July 2010, I finished a graduate diploma program in education through Simon Fraser University.  The name of the field program was “Supporting Diverse Learners”.  My current area of interest and research are around the use of cross modal daily physical activity to improve student self-regulation skills.  Also,  I am experimenting with FreshGrade to capture student learning via digital portfolios.  This school year will also be the first full implementation year of the new provincial curriculum.

I hope that you will continue to find value in this website even though I am not currently teaching in the French Immersion program.

My Teaching Philosophy

Every teacher has their own teaching philosophy which influences every aspect of the classroom.  I feel it is important to share my own personal educational philosophy so you understand why I do things a certain way in the classroom.

Firstly, I believe that in order for each child to learn, he/she has to feel safe in the learning environment.  This means establishing a welcoming, friendly, positive classroom environment where each child feels safe to take risks.  This is also the reason why at the beginning of the school year I will speak some English in the classroom.  Learning a second language should be a positive and fun experience!  I also like to share with students that, just like them, I learned French as a child in French Immersion setting. I am not perfect and we will be learning French together!

A safe learning environment also refers to students in the classroom.  Students need to participate in creating a safe learning environment by following class and school rules as well as practicing respectful behaviours in class.  Every child has the right to learn in a safe classroom environment.

Secondly, I believe that children learn in all different ways and they learn best when they are active participants in their learning.  Some students are more visual learners, while other students are auditory learners.  All students are unique and learn best in different ways.  In the classroom I use this knowledge to guide my instruction.  I incorporate a variety of different learning experiences in the classroom.  For example, I use a lot of music in the classroom to teach literacy.  Also, I use a lot of visuals in the classroom.  This is especially useful when teaching a second language.

Thirdly, I believe that parents play an integral part in their child’s learning.  I believe a child’s parents are their first and most important teacher.  Even though I teach children in the school setting, I am just a small part of their learning experience.  This is one of the reasons I’ve created this blog.  My goal is to bring parents along in our classroom learning journey so they can continue and extend the learning at home.

Fourthly,  I believe in fostering independence in young students.  This begins at the classroom door.  Carrying a backpack, unpacking it, handing the teacher notices or notes are all part of developing independence and a sense of responsibility in students. Students are capable of taking on more responsibilities and I encourage and foster this in the classroom.

Fifthly, I believe strongly in the importance of both structured and unstructured play times.  I believe play allows children to be creative and imaginative.  Play also helps children develop key social skills such as turn taking, sharing, cooperation, reading social cues and many more.  In Grade 1 we will play everyday; play is structured into our daily routine and allows students the opportunity to create and imagine and foster their natural curiosity about the world around them.

I hope this blog will help you help your child!  If there is anything I can add please contact me and I will see what I can do!

Mme Robinson

STimagery_2015_RTN3Photo credit: ST Photography


2 responses to “About Mme Robinson

  1. Hello,
    Thank you for the wealth of information you have provided. I have used your K and grade 1 lists of songs, vocabulary etc for my class. I was wondering if you would have the same information for grade 2, 3 and 4.
    Thank you.
    I teach grades 4, 5, 6 FSL and tutor French Immersion students grades 1-6

    • Hi Anna, Thanks for your comment. Unfortunately right now I don’t have many resources for grade 2, 3, and 4. Most of my teaching experience is in early French immersion so that is what most of my resources support. Sorry I can’t be of much help to you but I’m glad you have found some things useful!

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