About This Blog

Welcome to my classroom blog!

I have developed this site with several purposes in mind.  Here are the main reasons I decided to create this classroom blog:

Classroom-Home Connection

This blog will hopefully be a bridge between the classroom and your home.  On this blog you will be able to access important information about classroom events and happenings.  This blog will help you keep up to date and informed about what we are learning about, routines we are working on, field trips we are taking, special events that are happening and much much more.  This blog is to help you feel more connected to and involved in your child’s experiences at school.  Please use this blog to show an interest in your child’s educational endeavours.  Visit this blog together and talk about the things we are doing in class.

Language Resource

Hopefully this blog will provide you with an easy way to access resources to support your child.  Having a child learning a language you don’t know yourself can be especially frustrating.  Hopefully this blog will make this journey a bit easier for you.  If there is anything I can add you think would be useful, please let me know!


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