Terry Fox Run Tomorrow!

Tomorrow our school will participate in the annual Terry Fox Run!  We will meet on the gravel field at 1:00 p.m. for a short “Kick off” ceremony.  If you’d like to join us, please feel free!  Please ensure permission forms are returned to school by Friday morning.

We talked a lot about Terry yesterday, about his life, his cancer, his prosthetic leg, and his dream. The students were captivated by his story.  Terry continues to be an amazing example of what perseverance looks like.  We listened to a fantastic song about Terry in French!  Here is the link:  https://youtu.be/nwpzXxU7VWk  Don’t forget to bring in those Twoonies for Terry as we keep Terry’s dream of finding a cure for cancer alive!


Grade 1 Sight Words

I just realized that I did not have the Grade 1 Sight words list under the Vocabulary tab on this website!

They are there now! You can find the Grade 1 sight words here! This is a great list of words that can be worked on all year!  At the bottom of the page there are a few youtube videos with pronunciation.  Please don’t expect your child to be able to read all of these words (or understand what they mean) at this point in the school year!  We spend the whole year working on these words!

I’ve left the Kindergarten sight words under the Vocabulary tab just for your info!  You may want to start with this much shorter and easier list as a review.

Mme Robinson

Pat le chat 

Pete the cat is all the rage these days so I figured why not read the students the most popular book about Pete’s shoes but in French!  Let’s just say it was a hit! This book is a great review of colours and who can resist that catchy tune!  Pat le Chat also helped us review the sound ‘a’.  Here’s a link to the book being read in French on YouTube, but I did change the tune of Pat’s song to be more like the English tune!

Mme Robinson 

Another School Year is Here!

It’s the last weekend of Summer break and I am trying to savour the last moments of vacation time with my girls and husband!

I’ve spent the last week setting up my classroom at my new school (Martha Currie Elementary) in Surrey.  I will be teaching Grade 1 E.F.I. this year and I am looking forward to teaching a straight grade at my favourite level!

Here are a few pictures of my classroom all set up and ready to welcome students on Tuesday!  This school used to be a middle high school so the classrooms are nice and big and hallways are extra wide and spacious!  My room looks out to a very nice courtyard where the school PAC and teachers are going to be installing a school garden!


Above is the view from the front doorway.  The carpets will mean a very strict indoor shoe policy (especially when the rain comes!).


It’s been a long time since I’ve had desks in my classroom so this will take some getting used to!

Ask me at the end of the school year if I feel the same way, but I LOVE calendar!  So much learning happens here.


Here’s the book corner!  I really like the shelving here and there are a TON of great readers for the students to get their hands on!


I could play for hours at this light panel!


Here’s the view from the other side.

As hard it is to say goodbye to Summer, it’s exciting to begin a new school year!  Looking forward to meeting lots of new faces next week!

Mme Robinson 🙂

2015-2016 a reflection

School Year


As much as I am looking forward to tomorrow, another day of summer, I am taking a few moments to look back at the school year that was 2015-2016.

This year marked a very special “first” for me.  I had the opportunity to work very closely along side a remarkably talented Educational Assistant for a very big chunk of time during the year.  The extra set of eyes, the profound knowledge and experience and the caring connections she made with students were indispensable.

2015-2016 was also about trying new things.  Throughout the year we engaged in many many exercises (certainly not always loved by students) to promote self-regulation and strengthen right and left brain communication through the use of cross-lateral exercises.   If you google “Brain Gym” you can read more about the benefits!  By the end of the school year I had many regrets having not recorded more accurately the improvement by everyone in the class.  The overall improvement in students’ abilities to do the exercises was incredible.  Also, performing these exercises before our daily calendar routine made the learning much more meaningful and focused.  Our daily exercises helped calm students after more “active” times (recess and lunch breaks) and helped re-focus us for optimal learning.  Incorporating these movements in daily routines is definitely something I will do with future classes!

Another “first” and new thing I tried out this past school year was the use of the digital portfolio to communicate student learning.  I decided to try out FreshGrade and luckily just as I began capturing student learning, FreshGrade released the Android version of their app!  Lucky for me this made adding to students’ portfolios a breeze.  I’m sure parents were hearing at home about how much Mme Robinson was on her phone in the classroom!  As I experimented with the platform, I’m not sure exactly how many parents jumped on board with me but from the few who made a point of telling me how much they liked it, it was well worth trying out!

I look forward to using FreshGrade again in the Surrey School District as my preferred method for communicating student learning.  As a teacher I truly value partnering with parents and FreshGrade takes this to a whole new level!

It was a great year and one I will be sure to remember as I begin a new journey in a different district.  To my fellow Richmond colleagues, you will be missed!

Mme Robinson


Button Blankets

I’m going to let the pictures speak for themselves!

We’ve been learning about the purpose, significance and use of button blankets among the First Peoples this past week.  Students chose the animal they wanted to put on their mini blanket and then decorated it with buttons, small shells and pearls.  I love how each student created their own personal blanket and I think they all turned out beautifully!  This is the very short video we watched about button blankets:

Keva Planks!

Who knew something so simple in nature could provide so many different opportunities for students to build, create, play, imagine, and collaborate!  Ever since receiving our boxes of Keva Planks, they have been played with every single play-time (and always with wait lists!).

Keva planks look like slightly larger Jenga blocks.  They are uniform in size and can be used to build all kinds of neat structures and projects!  Check out some of the ways students in Division 15 are playing with the Keva planks!