French Verbs

Important Verbs to Know…

These three verbs are among the most common and important verbs in French: être, avoir and aimer (to be, to have, to like).  We will be working with these particular verbs a lot throughout the year.

Être (to be)

Je suis  (I am)

Tu es  (You are) singular

Il/Elle est  (He/She is)

Nous sommes  (We are)

Vous êtes  (You are) plural

Ils/Elles sont  (They are)

Avoir (to have)

J’ai  (I have)

Tu as  (You have) singular

Il/Elle a  (He/She has)

Nous avons  (We have)

Vous avez  (You have) plural

Ils/Elles ont  (They have)

Aimer (to like)

J’aime  (I like)

Tu aimes  (You like)

Il/Elle aime  (He/She likes)

Nous aimons  (We like)

Vous aimez  (You like) plural

Ils/Elles aiment  (They like) plural

Common French Verbs



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